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Noah Klocek

When Noah was young he imagined that he would spend his life in a small cottage in the English countryside painting and drawing alone. Yet collaborating with others has not only made him a stronger artist than he would have been on his own, but it is the joy of his professional life.

Noah's experience includes advertising design and art direction; as well as matte painting, visual development, art direction, and production design for studios such as Industrial Light & Magic, PDI/DreamWorks, and Pixar Animation Studios. Noah has branched out into picture books as well with his third book, Dreamland, coming out in 2018 and many more books on the way.

Lori Klocek

Lori has always loved beautiful images, and has been drawn to picturebooks from a young age. Coming from a family of artists, designers, craftsmen and all-around crafty types, Lori's art career began early. In 3rd grade she designed and illustrated the program for her school's annual play, while landing the starring role, the art part stuck, the acting not so much. Before working as a concept artist for Pixar Lori worked as a graphic designer. She earned her BFA in Illustration from San Jose State University. Lori is immensely proud of her career in art and even more proud of the time she has spent as a stay-at-home-mom to two wonderful, and very creative, children.


Noah Klocek is a leading designer and art director in the animation industry. In addition to working for major studios like ILM and Dreamworks Animation, for the last 15 years, Noah has Designed, Art Directed, and Production Designed for Pixar Animation Studios on films like “Brave,” “Inside Out”, “Up,” “Wall-e,” and “Onward.”



Visual Development, Production Design,  Art Direction,  Film and Book Illustration


Production Design,  Art Direction,  Illustration,  Design,  Problem Solving,  Leadership
Storytelling, Filmmaking, Most 3D Modeling Packages, CG Filmmaking, Advertising


Pixar Animation Studios – Production Designer, Art Director, Designer

2005 – Present

Dreamworks Animation – Matte Painter

2003 – 2005

Industrial light and magic (ILM) – Matte Painter

2002 – 2003

Carter Israel Advertising & Public Relations – Art Director

1999 –  2002


 Hulk, Digital Matte Painter

 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Digital Matte Painter

 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Digital Matte Painter

 Shrek 2, Digital Matte Painter

 Madagascar, Digital Matte Painter

 Blood Will Tell, Digital Matte Painter

 Wall-E, Visual Development Artist

 Up, Visual Development Artist

Partly Cloudy, Production Designer

Brave, Art Director

Inside Out, Visual Development Artist

The Good Dinosaur, Art Director

Cars 3, Art Director

Smash and Grab, Production Designer

Onward, Production Designer