Welcome to Neverending Knoll Workshop. We are a multidiscipline design studio and workshop with a unique marriage of storytelling-focused design for film and deep plant and landscaping knowledge which we use to design lasting spaces in the real world from expansive landscapes to furniture and even textiles.

Neverending Knoll Workshop creates spaces, inside or outside, that are as specific and honest. We build spaces that are specific to place, time, and budget, and honest in materials, ecosystem, and climate. Our name, Neverending Knoll, comes from our own garden, nursery, and aspiring farm built on a few acres of land nestled in the mountains above the town of Sonoma in northern California wine country.

We specialize in simple materials thoughtfully implemented, drought-tolerant design, low intervention natives-focused plantings, and fire-prepared gardens and landscapes. We believe that through design thinking and collaboration with our clients, we can build beautiful site-specific spaces that tell the story of the land and those who inhabit and use it, but do so with an understanding of our world’s limited natural resources and changing climate.