Our name Neverending Knoll comes from a few acres of land nestled in the mountains just above the town of Sonoma in Northern California wine country. Besides hosting an experimenting garden and plant nursery The Knoll is also the home of Neverending Knoll Studio + Workshop.

Neverending Knoll Studio + Workshop creates spaces, inside or outside, that are as specific and honest as we can craft them. We build spaces that are specific to place and time, and honest in materials and climate.

We see our design thinking as the most powerful element of our process. We strive to use as few interventions as possible, respecting the site and space. We strive to use simple materials wisely, instead of expensive materials without thought.

We are guided by the emotion and mood a place possesses or desires to possess, but do not chase trends. We see our clients as collaborators and the spaces we design as the true clients.